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ETGSA Greater Tule Management Area
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The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) is the largest statewide coalition of public water agencies in the country.


The Toolbox also contains educational materials from non-governmental partner agencies for informational purposes.


CFWC is a non-profit, educational organization that provides fact-based information on farm water issues to the public.


The Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners (TBWP) work with partner agencies and organizations to conserve and restore critical Tulare Basin upland, wetland, and riparian habitats for people and wildlife.


The Department of Water Resources manages California’s water resources, systems, and infrastructure, including the State Water Project (SWP), in a responsible, sustainable way.


The mission of the Water Education Foundation, an impartial, nonprofit organization, is to create a better understanding of water resources and foster public understanding and resolution of water resource issues through facilitation, education and outreach.

Hydrogeological Conceptual Model
and Water Budget of the Tule Subbasin – Vol. 1

This report presents a hydrogeological conceptual model and water budget of the Tule Subbasin of the Southern San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Basin.

Hydrogeological Conceptual Model
and Water Budget of the Tule Subbasin – Vol. 2


Streamflow Data, Groundwater Level Contour Maps, Subsurface Flow Net Analysis, Estimated Annual Precipitation, and and other data sets.